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Cycling in the 1940's and the1950's

Kettering Friendly Cycle Club - 1948
Kettering Friendly Cycle Club - 1948.
Many young men and women from Burton Latimer belonged to the Club. The picture includes, on the back row, Ivan Wilson, Alf Messenger and Bob Hill. Amongst those in the forefront are Elsie Payne, Ms Almond and Doreen Mason.
A Hill Climb organised by Kettering Friendly Cycle Club. Several Burtonians appear in the photograph.
Hill Climb - 1948.
Members of the Kettering Friendly Cycle Club, including several Burtonians, taking a rest. Amongst the group are Ivan Wilson, Doreen Mason, Elsie Payne (with her future husband Arnold), Tony Russell, Bob Hill and Robert Farrow.
Kettering Friendly Cycle Club - c1950
Kettering Friendly Cycle Club - c1950.
In the centre wearing the sweater is Elsie Payne (later Franklin) and the row behind to the left includes Tom Mason. On her right wearing the open neck shirt is Tony Russell. In the front and to the centre is Doreen Mason (later Olechnowicz).
Doreen Mason in the early 1950's
Doreen Mason (later Olechnowicz) riding for Kettering Friendly Cycle Club in a 10 mile road race between Wellingborough and Northampton. The car belonged to the timekeeper, Mr Ellingworth.

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