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Kettering Evening Telegraph 3rd January 1990

Gala Day Parade is Facing Axe

A carnival with a 75 year history is on the verge of collapse. Three of the four organising groups cannot help with this years fund raising event. Only five people - including the chairman, treasurer and secretary - are now left in charge of the September event. Unless volunteers come forward in the next three weeks, then the carnival, which has delighted thosands over the decades will fold.

The town's Gala Day was revived by Jack Addis, of Burton Latimer Scout Association, 14 years ago. Together with the Committee for the Blind, the Swimming Pool Trust and Kettering Round Table, a committee was formed to organise the carnival. However, representation has fallen by the wayside and there are now only a handful of members left. A last ditch attempt to keep the carnival going will be staged on January 25th, when an open meeting will be held at the town's scout headquarters.

Mr Addis said: "the committee needs at least six people to keep going. If that doesn't happen, the bank account will be split and the trophies and cups put into storage. There is no shortage of funds, we have nearly enough to stage this Septembers event - We just need people to help organise the event. I would feel very disappointed if we could not go ahead - it's a family day and part of the social calendar."

Mr Addis admitted that interest had dwindled in recent years, he said:"There are now so many restrictions on the number of vehicles allowed that it can be difficult to get floats. Children these days are more sophisticated - they don't want to dress up much and there is less enthusism from the public. However, we always have good support on the day but not for the planning and organisation. I would ask people to come forward and help keep the carnival going as part of the town tradition."

It seems that Jacks appeal fell on deaf ears, as the Evening Telegraph reported the following on 31st May 1990.

Burton Latimer will not be going on parade this year as there will be no town carnival. Instead a funday has been organised in its place. The funday will be held at the Recreation Centre, on Saturday, September 1, and it is hoped that many local residents will attend.

One of the organisers hopes local charities will come and take advantage of free stalls and use the day to boost their funds. Marion Bird said: "The funday has replaced the carnival because there wasn't enough people to help organise it. But we still wanted an event for the people of Burton." She would like any local charity groups, especially from Burton or Barton, who would like a stall to contact her. The scout band will also benefit from the day.

Among the attractions will be a bouncy castle, refreshments, motorbikes and a band contest featuring nine bands.

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