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Photo and information supplied by Tony Jolley (son of J Jolley, below)

Griff's Harmonica Rascals

Griff's Harmonica Rascals - a portrait photo taken in The Conservative Club in Church Street
Back Row: Cyril E. Coleman, Ray V. Fox, B. B. Darnell
Middle Row: (Left) Miss D M Chester, H H Eyles (Right) Mrs B P Eyles, A S Griffin
Front Row: C Cross, J Jolley, Ron C Coleman, M Payne.

The Harmonica Rascals used to perform in the clubs in Burton Latimer (the Conservative Club, the Britannia Club, Finedon Street Working Men's Club) in the early 1950's and could also be seen at venues in Finedon and Kettering. They practised at The Conservative Club in Burton in the room where the photo was taken.

The two Mr Colemans were brothers. Mr C Coleman was nicknamed 'Grog' and was well known for singing songs like " Sylvester " (wot's 'e got ? e's got a row of 40 medals on his chest - BIG chest !) as well performing with the 'Rascals'. He was a regular at the Conservative Club on a Saturday night in the days when weekly entertainment was arranged by the then entertainment secretary, Mr. Tom Bates. Mr R Coleman had two sons(that I know of) - Mick and Tony. Tony Coleman was nicknamed 'spider' because of his own talent for playing harmonica !

(If anyone has any other information on the band or its members, please get in touch, so that this feature can be extended.)

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