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Shown below are three photographs of the Woodland Pytchley which met at Burton Latimer until the 1960's. As can be seen from the top and middle photographs, taken about 1930, the Hunt attracted a good crowd of supporters.

The Woodland Pytchley hunt meets in Hall Field prior to moving off.
The Woodland Pytchley meeting in the Hall field prior to moving off.
The start of a day's hunting in Kettering Road, watched by a good crowd.
Supporters in Kettering Road watch the Woodland Pythchley start the day's hunting.
The Woodland Pytchley photographed after leaving the Manor House, December 1963.
From the Evening Telegraph 14 December 1963:
"Joe Wright (huntsman) and Phil Dodwell (whipper-in), left, with the Woodland Pytchley hounds, which met at the Manor House, Burton Latimer, on Saturday."

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