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Article from the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph dated Thursday, February 15th, 1973, transcribed by Raylee Burton.

‘Red letter day’ for town

The opening of the new library, 1972.
The opening ceremony: from the left, Mr A C A Colton (chairman of the County Council), Mr D J Ashby (chairman of Burton Latimer Urban Council), Ald R J Mackintosh (chairman of the Eastern Region Library Committee),
Mrs D P Oxenham (chairman of the County Council General Services Committee), Mr R Wright (county librarian),
Mr A A Mawby (county councillor for Burton Latimer) and Mr D Davison.

The opening of Burton Latimer’s new library yesterday was described as a “red letter day” for the town. Ald. R. J. Macintosh, chairman of the Eastern Region Library Advisory Committee of Northamptonshire County Council, who performed the opening ceremony, said that Burton Latimer had waited nearly 24 years for the occasion. He said: “This will not just be a place for a few people to come here and read. It will be for all ages and for the arts and cultures. Rooms can be hired by any organizations in the town and surrounding district for as little as 50 pence to be used for art projects. I think it is a wonderful addition to the culture of the town and something of a red letter day.”

He was introduced by Ald Mrs. D. P. Oxenham, chairman of Northamptonshire County Council General Services Committee. Other guests at the ceremony included Mr A. C. A. Colton, chairman of the County Council; Mr J. Goff, county architect; Mr. H. G. Lloyd, county treasurer and Mr. D. J. Ashby, chairman of Burton Latimer Urban Council who proposed a vote of thanks to Ald. Mackintosh.

The library which will be run by Mr. M. D. Davison, eastern regional librarian, is of modern design and includes a special quiet area for study. There is also space for exhibitions and meetings. The capacity is approximately 7,000 books in the adult lending section, 750 reference books, 3000 children’s books, together with a variety of pre-reading picture books. The exhibition space has been provided with lighting track and equipment making possible a variety of displays.

Contractors were Perkins and Barron of Wellingborough and the total cost of the building was £40,357 plus furniture costing £2,750.

The library will be open for 32 hours each week on four days.

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