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Marching Pathfinders 1980's

The Marching Pathfinders, Burton Latimers Scout and Guide Band, werevery active and sucessful during the 80's and early 90's. They performed at competitions and parades throughout the UK and Europe.

Marching Pathfinders - early 80's

St George's Day Parade - Early 80's, Sheep Street Kettering

St Georges Day Parade - Early 80's, the band following the Standards near the market Square, Kettering

Led by mascot Matthew Clarke, the scout band taking part in a local parade

Scout Band Mascot, 1982 - Too young to join the "Marching Pathfinders", Matthew Clarke was made their mascot

The Band in Germany 1982 - On parade in Lahnstein

The Band at Leek 1982 - Winners of the Novice Trophy at Moorland Scout Band contest

Leaving for Lahnstein, 1982 - Pushing; M Beasley, N Beasley: On Step; N Billington, G Noble: Under Drum; Simon Loak:

Performing at Leek, 1983

Winners in Their Class, 1983 - The band, led by Ray Chester, got a soaking during the Moorland Band Contest at Leek

75th Anniversary of Scouting, 1982 - The band take part in the celebrations at Kettering Town FC

The Marching Pathfinders performing at 75th Anniversary of Scouting celebrations, Kettering Town FC

Burton Latimer Scout Band performing for the Chief Scout, 1983

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