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Alice ends her 55-year reign as sub-postmistress

Mrs. Alice Dacre
Mrs.Alice Dacre

The article below, dated February 4th 1975, reported Mrs. Alice Dacre's impending retirement:

Alice Dacre began work with the Post Office in 1912 when a horse and cart was a more familiar sight than a motor car. Sixty-three years later she is still with the Post Office as sub-postmistress at Burton Latimer – but her reign will soon be over.

Mrs. Dacre – who admits to being in her seventies – retires at the end of the month and moves out of the Post Office in the High Street that has been her home for 55 years. She and her son Roger are buying a home in Churchill Way. Mrs. Dacre was born and bred in Burton Latimer. She joined the post office in Kettering straight from school and stayed there during the Great War. She married John Dacre, a Kettering man, after he returned from the war and in 1920 they took over the Burton Latimer Post Office.

Reflecting on her 63 years with the Post Office Mrs. Dacre said: “There is always change – every week there is something different. But decimalisation was the biggest change.” And she conceded: “I’m over 70 and I feel now it’s time to stop. I want to enjoy a few years retirement. I have done nothing other than work for the Post Office in my life. I have always enjoyed it. You get to know the people and they know you. I have enjoyed it all.”

Her husband died 12 years ago but Mrs. Dacre has three sons, one daughter and six grandchildren to keep her company in her retirement.

Mrs. Alice Dacre receiving a bouquet of flowers from Council Chairman  Nicholas Loake.
Mrs. Alice Dacre receiving a bouquet of flowers from Council Chairman Cllr. Nicholas Loake.
This short article was published a month later on March 4th, the week after she left the Post Office:

A postmistress just retired after 55 years “deserves a medal as big as a frying pan”. This was one of the glowing tributes paid to Mrs. Alice Dacre by Burton Latimer Town Council. She retired as town postmistress last week.

Council chairman Cllr. Nicholas Loake said Mrs. Dacre had worked with the Post Office for 63 years. She had gone beyond the realms of duty to help people in the town. “I feel this is a truly remarkable record of service. She has achieved a very high standard that will be difficult to follow.” He said in her 55 years at Burton Latimer she had been so dedicated to her work that she hardly found the time to take a holiday. Added Cllr. Albert Morby: “Mrs. Dacre deserves a medal as big as a frying pan.”

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