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John Meads 2016
A Picnic at Drayton House

Drayton House
A contemporary postcard showing Drayton House, Lowick, near Thrapston

Northampton Mercury 05 July 1895

Under the auspices of the Latimer Habitation of the Primrose League (the equivalent of today's Conservative Association) , a picnic was held in the grounds of Drayton House, near Thrapston, by kind permission of Mrs. Stopford Sackville, on Thursday. The members of the Habitation left Burton Latimer in vehicles about one o’clock for Drayton, headed by the Britannia Band, and they reached their destination shortly after two. Prior to the tea, which was serve3d on the lawn, the visitors strolled about the picturesque grounds, whilst others indulged in cricket, swinging, and other games. Before tea was served it had been arranged that Mr. Lush Wilson and Mr. R. R. B. Orlebar, of Poddington, should address the meeting, but from various causes neither gentleman put in an appearance, so the meeting  was abandoned, and a stroll round the grounds indulged in. Tea was partaken of under the shade of the trees on the lawn, and after proceedings consisted of dancing, cricket, and other amusements. All the arrangements were carried out by the following Committee: The Hon. Mrs. Vernon (hon. Sec.), Messrs. J. Hale, G. Talbut, J. Osborne, J. Dunkley, W.  Attfield, and S. C. F. Vernon.

Primrose League at Rockingham Castle
A Burton Latimer Primrose League outing at Rockingham Castle some years later.
Mr. and Mrs. James Talbutt are at the back of the group
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