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Photographs provided by Dougie Loake and presented by Margaret Craddock


Gallery of photographs from the Scout Camp held at Fountainbleau in 1955

This Annual Summer Camp, the first to be held overseas, was organized by Corporal John Christian, one of the old Burton Latimer scouts, who was stationed with NATO. Two French scouts attended as interpreters. The group was accompanied by Group Scout Master, Jack Addis and Senior Scout Master, Jack Arnold.

Richard Gleed-Owen kept a record of the camp and some surviving documents and snaps taken with his box camera can be seen here

A group photograph
Michael Lack has provided all but one of the names of the Burton Latimer scouts in this group at Fountainbleau. They are L - R: Back row: 1 Harry Whitelock, 2 Richard Gleed-Owen, 3 Ray Birnie, 4 Roger Abrahams, 5 Frank Bayman, 6 Michael Ridgeway, 7 Douglas Loak, 8 John Lack, 9 Roger Middleton, 10 Ian Spriggs. Middle row: 1 Michael Lack, 2 Host Scout, 3 Rodney Garley, 4 Tony Middleton, 5 Ian Addis, 6 John Toseland, 7 John Addis, 8 Bill McGrath. Front row: 1 Host Scout, 2 John Hollingsworth, 3 Jack Addis, 4 Host Scout, 5 John Christian, 6 Jack Arnold, 7 Rodney Evans, 8 Roy Sharp.

Arrival at Fountainbleu

The group in camp

The campsite Camp inspection

Flag duty

A group outside their tent Map reading instruction

Camp duties


Chatting with French Scouts

Time to leave

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