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Report about tennis club dance 1900
This extract from the Evening Telegraph dated Thursday 6th September
1900 shows that tennis was an established part of the sporting activities
available in Burton Latimer at that time. Other extracts report matches with
other clubs in the district

The most popular venue for tennis in recent years has been the Recreation Ground; in fact the tennis courts predate the "Rec", built in 1936 in memory of King George V. However tennis has been played at various other locations in the town - adjacent to the swimming pool sited for a time off Polwell Lane (1931 onwards) at factory premises such as Weetabix in Polwell Lane, in front of the Ideal Clothiers factory in Station Road and the Kaycee Clothing factory which occupied a plot between Station Road and Pioneer Avenue. George Mason of Mason's Garage had a court which he sometimes rented out. There were a number of other private courts in the gardens of larger properties in the town, for example at the Rectory, at the Hall, at the Manor House, at Broadview in Station Road and at Dr Kingsley's home on the corner of High Street and Church Street. Mr Batty had a court on land he owned at Higham Road, which also boasted a bowling green and maybe a putting green. Although the heyday of the private courts was probably the 1920's and 1930's tennis has continued to flourish at the "Rec" where the Tennis Club still thrives. Click here for the Burton Latimer Tennis Club website

Tennis at the "Rec" in the 1930's Burton Latimer Tennis Club Championship - 1961
Tennis at the "Rec" in the 1930's
From left to right: Jack Coles, Dorothy Lewis,
Jacquie Palmer, Doris Grainger (later Lovell)
Frank Palmer.
Burton Latimer Tennis Club Championship - 1961
Far back: John Newing; Back row: John Dohnalek, John Coles, "Larry" (US
Serviceman), Jean Cheney, Helen Cope, Ken Cheney, Adrian Sharman;
Front row: Irene Aldwinkle, Peg Horn, Val Lewis
Stan Bettles and Irene Aldwinkle - Burton Latimer Tennis Club Pairs Champions - mid 1950's Burton Latimer Tennis Club - early 1960's
Burton Latimer Tennis Club
Stan Bettles and Irene Aldwinkle,
Pairs Champions - mid 1950's.
Burton Latimer Tennis Club - early 1960's
Back row: Irene Aldwinkle, Helen Deacon, Lesley Borman, Rev. Sharpley (Club President),
Ken Cheney, Jean Cheney (nee Villette), Michael Staley;
Kneeling: John Newing, Stan Bettles

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