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Burton Latimer Celtic FC

Burton Latimer Celtic FC - season 1923/4

The team is known from the ball and is dated 1923-4. Most team members are unidentified but is that Alwyne Keach with the towel on the far left?

Back Row: 1. ----?----, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----, 4. ----?----, 5. ----?----, 6. Jack Chester, 7. Frederick Fennell, 8. ----?----, 9. ----?----, 10. Herbert Chester

Front Row: 1. ----?----, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----, 4. ----?----, 5. ----?----

From a fixture list on the Chronical & Echo football page, Burton Latimer Celtic were to play in the East Northants Medal Competition in 1923 against Ringstead United Res. or Wolllaston St. George.

The Northampton Mercury later reported on 9 November that the game was played against Wollason St. George who won 3-1. The Burton goal being scored by Chester

If you can add any of the missing names, please get in touch.

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