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Burton Latimer County Junior School
Football Team - 1957-8

The County Junior School football team from the 1957-8 school year is shown here. The teaching staff are (left) Mr Pentelow, headmaster, Mr White (centre) and Mr Chambers (right).

Back Row: 1. Richard Cholerton, 2. Richard Farrow, 3. Martin Elmore, 4. Roger Drage, 5. Bev Cox, 6. Robert Mills, 7. Richard Beeby, 8. Alan Desborough, 9. Phil Sturman, 10. Kenny Newman

Front Row: 1. Brent Mawby, 2. Pat Stokes, 3. Robin Sharp, 4. Roy Walker, 5. David Moisey, 6. David Hodson, 7. Tony Granger

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