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Burton Latimer Stars FC


Burton Latimer Stars Football Club : Season 1903-4

As in the case of BL Victoria FC some ten years previously, this is the only currently known photo of the Stars team, and no details are known about the club. The photo appears to have been taken in the yard of the School in the High Street.

Some people can be identified from other team and band photos, and a couple of the faces resemble those in other teams in later years, but with no names to go on for the photos in question, they cannot be confirmed.

Back Row: 1. ----?----, 2. ----?----, 3. W Henman, 4. Oliver Fitzhugh, 5. Sam Wright, 6. ----?----, 7. ----?----

Front Row: 1. ----?----, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----

Lying on Ground: 1. ----?----, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----, 4. ----?----, 5. W Ward

If you can add any further information, please get in touch.

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