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Burton Latimer Town FC - 1956-7

The Burton Latimer Town FC pictured during the 1956/7 season

This photograph of the Burton Latimer Town FC team and officials for the 1956-7 season.

Back Row: 1. Colin Mackintosh, 2. Arthur Buckby, 3. Bill Munton (Munday?), 4. Johnny Wiles, 5. Brian Craddock, 6. Walter Robinson, 7. Colin Smith, 8. Tony Bradbury (Bradley?), 9. Bert Dunmore, 10. Charlie Johnson, 11. Roger Congreve

Front Row: 1. Russell Atkins, 2. Alan Buckey, 3. Mick Evans, 4. John Coles, 5. Robin Goodman, 6. Brian Clipson, 7. Graham Clipson

If you can add confirm either of the doubtful surnames , please get in touch.

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