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Burton Latimer Wanderers FC

Burton Latimer Wanderers FC pictured during the 1925/6 season

The club and the year are known from the information in the photo, but we have very few names of the people in the photo. The photo shows the First Team (in the plain jerseys) and the Reserves (in the striped jerseys). The club also went by the name of Burton Park Wanderers, as they were based in the area of Newman Street, Spencer Street and Rosebery Street which at the time was commonly referred to as "The Park".

A number of the players may also have been members of the Methodist Chapel in Duke Street, which did not run its own teams, unlike St Mary's or the Baptist Churches, so this club may have served as a sports outlet for the men of the chapel.

The photo has been taken in a garden behind the then lawn (currently the car park) of the Britannia Club, the side wall of which can be seen on the right of the picture.

Back Row: 1. ----?----, 2. Jack Drage, 3. ----?----, 4. ----?----, 5. ----?----, 6. ----?----, 7. ----?----, 8. ----?----

Middle Row: 1. ----?----, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----, 4. ----?----, 5. ----?----, 6. ----?----, 7. H Desborough, 8. ----?----

Front Row: 1. Herbert Chester, 2. ----?----, 3. ----?----, 4. ----?----, 5. ----?----, 6. ----?----, 7. Jack Chester, 8. ----?----9. ----?----, 10. ----?----

If you can add any of the missing names, please get in touch

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