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Burton Youth Club

Burton United FC - circa 1964

The all-conquering Burton Youth team of the early-mid 1960s - They won numerous trophies and titles. The shield here is for the County 6-a-side Championships.

Back Row: 1. Arthur Knibbs, 2. Norman Baish, 3. Bill Johnson, 4. Ray Linnell, 5. Stephen Chisolm, 6. Ron Gazeley

Second Row: 1. Capt Michael Joint, 2. Ivan Gazeley, 3. Stephen Lovell, 4. Lee Mawby, 5. Rodney Gazeley, 6. Maurice McGinn, 7. David Mayes, 8. Albert Thornton

Front Row: 1. S Thornton, 2. Richard Beeby, 3. Brent Mawby, 4. Robin Sharpe, 5. Duncan Howard

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