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Town Trail Point 1

War Memorial

War Memorial seen from the south
Right - The War Memorial,
seen from the south

The War Memorial is a natural point at which to start the trail round Burton Latimer. It is located on a site known locally as "The Cross". This is the central junction of the town and was the pivotal point of its medieval heart, lying as it does alongside what was the A6. The A6 was the name given to what was the main road from London to Carlisle via Leicester, Derby, the Peak District to Manchester, becoming the M6 from Manchester northwards.

Though not as strategically important in medieval times as the A1 or the A5 in terms of miltary roads to the north and north west, (the A6 is not a former Roman road) the A6 nevertheless became busier in the 18th and 19th centuries with the growth of industry in the central midland counties.

View of The Cross prior to the siting of the War Memorial
View of The Cross prior to the siting of the War Memorial

This large open area at the junction of High Street, Church Street and Meeting Lane was well suited for the erection in 1922 of such an imposing monument as the town's war memorial.

Click here to read the newspaper report of the dedication of the monument.

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