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John Meads - 2008

Lewis Timson & Son

Harold Timson A Timson's bus in a bit of trouble in Polwell Lane - 1930s
One of Timson's earlier 'buses after an accident.
Despite this, and the opposite photo, the company's
accident record was no worse than any others!
Harold Timson
A Timson's bus in a bit of trouble in Polwell
Lane on Easter Saturday 1932.
Read about it below.

Many older Burton residents will remember Timson's buses parked outside the Timson family home, a bungalow set back from the road at the top of Finedon Street (see below). The business was started by Lewis Timson in the early 1920s and it was carried on by his son Harold. By the time he disposed of it to the United Counties Bus Company in 1936 he had a fleet of five buses. Below is a charming extract from a school magazine by a nine-year old Church School pupil, Norman Linnell, in 1931:


An article taken from “The Outlook”, the magazine of Burton Latimer Church of England School - Spring 1931

        I am Mr. Timson’s blue bus with white at the top. I am very warm and I have a mirror inside me. The man who drives me is very kind for he does not make me go too fast down the hills. As I pass on my way to Kettering I see trees on the side of the road. I reach a railway bridge, then go down the hill and come to Barton Seagrave. Passing through Barton Seagrave I see a number of houses, then I see Wicksteed Park. There are many people about the Park, and some people get off here so I have a smaller load to take on to Kettering. In Kettering there are many shops and a lot of people. After going through several streets I come back to Burton again.

        One day I had to take some people to Skegness, and on my way I saw a farm where there are many pigs, horses and sheep. Some men were making hay. I passed through many towns with lots of people in them. On my way home I saw some people having a picnic. When I reached home I was cleaned and looked quite nice again. During the winter I have to take spectators to the football matches at Northampton.

Norman Linnell - Junior II

A Timson's bus parked outside the family home at the top of Finedon Street
A Timson's bus, parked at the top of Finedon Street in the
days when there were just fields and allotments beyond the end gate

From the Evening Telegraph - March 1932


Easter Adventure on Burton Latimer Route

After having concluded their Easter-tide shopping in Kettering on Saturday evening, a number of Burton Latimer people had an exciting experience, when the 'bus in which they were travelling home finished up in a ditch.
The vehicle was one which served the Polwell-lane route, and the mishap occurred just beyond the bridge which spans the Kettering to Cambridge railway.
The driver drew close to the side of the narrow lane to enable another vehicle to pass, and the 'bus crossed the grass verge and the front wheel bumped into the dyke, throwing a few of the passengers forward out of their seats.
Fortunately no one was injured, and as far as can be found out, no Easter eggs were smashed.
The passengers clambered out of the 'bus and were picked up by the next one along in that direction. The vehicle, however, had to stay in its awkward position for some time, although it was eventually retrieved.

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