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John Meads 2021
Employees of the Early Bus Companies

Besides his grandfather John Meadows and father Norman, Douglas Ashby recounts that his mother also drove a bus and he names other Burton Latimer employees as Bob Phillips (below), Bill Wright, Percy Knowles, Bill Smith, Charlie Henson (below) and Laurie Plowman. Whether these were employed by John Meadows, Meadows & Frost or J. Meadows & Son is not clear. At least three of them, Percy Knowles, Charlie Henson and Laurie Plowman were working for United Counties after the war.
Russell Bulley tells us that his grandfather Richard (Dick) Bulley (below) was a driver for Frosts and it is said that Dick's future wife Marjorie (Marge) West was a conductress with the same company.
According to the late Nigel Patrick, the lower photograph is of four Meadows/Frosts drivers that includes his father Charlie Patrick, seated left, the other names are not known.

Charlie Henson
Dick Bulley
Bob Phillips

A group of drivers including Charlie Patrick seated left
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