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John Meads 2014
Empire Troops in Burton Latimer
During the First World War

Autograph book sketch by Norman Beckley
A drawing in Louie Stokes' autograph book by Norman Beckley of Sandstone, Western Australia
A sketch by Percy J Hooker of Maryborough, Victoria
He made a similar entry in Annie Potter's autograph book

From 1917 to after the end of hostilities, Burton Latimer families welcomed convalescing troops into their homes for two weeks to aid their recovery. The vast majority, if not all of these troops were drawn from the Empire forces fighting on the Western Front whose homes were on the other side of the world. The organiser in Burton Latimer was Mrs Annie Potter who was responsible for placing the men with the families, many of whom had relatives fighting overseas themselves. One of the families to play host was that of the Clerk to the Parish Council Mr. Frederick Stokes who lived at "Fernleigh", Finedon Street. Earlier in the war the Stokes family had one of the Belgian refugee families that came to Burton Latimer staying with them. Mr. and Mrs. Stokes' daughter Louie kept an autograph book in which, together with her friends and family, their guests recorded their names with verses and sketches and many recorded their home addresses. Several of the contributors also wrote in Annie Potter's autograph book Some of the names have been traced and it has been possible to add further information in square brackets [thus] - but there is still a lot of work to do on this. We are grateful to Helen Wood (nee Ashby) for giving us access to Louie Stokes' book and to Claire Weiss (nee Potter) for Annie Potter's book.

Soldier's Name/Rank/Unit where given
Address where given
Date of entry
Ambler Mrs. 04.12.1917
Beckley N. Burton Latimer [Sandstone, Western Australia] 26.02.1918
Bryant H.G. Gun Sheds, Parade Ground, Adelaide, South Australia 31.05.1919
Byrne Pte. Herbert Sydney, B Coy, 37 Batt. A.I.F. 94, Cowper St, Waverley [NSW]
C. B. Higham Rd, Burton Latimer
Chambers M.E. 12.03.1919
Cliffe Lucie 20.10.1918
D. F.
Ellis J.R. c/o Mrs J. Davies, Waterloo P.O. Via Beaufort Victoria Australia
Harrington J.J. (Jack) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. (c/o Mrs Rogers, McIllwraith Ave., Norman Park)
Harvey Herbert T. 7262 Sig A Coy 1st Br A.I.F. Los Angeles, 139 Booth St, Annandale, Sydney, NSW, Australia 19.01.1919
Hooker P.J. "Bexley" Russell St. Maryborough [Victoria]
L. A. S.
L. P. 00.00.1917
Linda 04.12.1917
Lister Bertha 01.05.1922
Lister Hazel 12.05.1922
M.T. 04.05.1918
Madin H.A. 23 Gray St. Yarraville, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Mertens L. Burton Latimer [Belgian refugee] 09.12.1917
Meurant P.J. 1 Military Rd., Port Kembla, South Coast, NSW 10.02.1919
Meurant, P. 4618 Gunner 2nd Batt. 1st F.A.B. 1st Division A.I.F
Needham Jennie 08.06.1918
O'Brien J.D. Myall St, Dubbo, NSW, Australia
Packard Mrs. E. 04.12.1917
Potter A.
Potter Pearl 10.03.1919
Reese A.B. Junction St., Stones Corner, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
S. J. T. 04.05.1918
Stokes F. L. A. at Weymouth
Stokes F.W. 28.08.1918
Stokes Louie 03.12.1917
Summerfield W. A.B, Royal Naval Division 10.10.1918
Walsh Pte.D.A. and Mrs. J.J. Erskine St. Nth Dubbo, NSW Australia 10.09.1918
White Gladys J. 02.12.1920
White R.W. 20.12.1920
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