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John Meads 2019 from the Evening Telegraph 13 Oct 1950
G.I. Wife Who Forgot
Was Soon Reassured

Audrey Wittering's marriage to Charles Rowland
A photograph from the Wittering family album. Audrey with her new
husband Charles on their wedding day, 29 September 1945. Possibly her
father extreme left and her brother Phil, serving in the RAF, seen over
Charles' shoulder. Alf Wittering in the background.


Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph 13 October 1950


A G.I. wife, Mrs. Charles Rowland, arrived at London Airport after visiting her parents at Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, to find that she had left behind in a bus "the most important part of the luggage."
This was a plastic bag containing a cuddly toy, baby food, and diapers for her seventeen-months-old son, Michael. Then she learned that the Pan American Clipper, in which she, her husband, and Michael were travelling home, had a flying nursery aboard containing everything for baby, and the two stewardesses were both trained nurses.


They gave Michael several cuddly toys to play with over the Atlantic on the first stage of the journey to Tacoma, near Seattle. Mrs. Rowland, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.Y. Wittering, live at 32, Spencer-street, Burton Latimer, was a bus conductress during the war for the United Counties.

"When I was a 'clippie' I used to grumble at passengers who left things on buses" she said. "Now after bringing a bag all the way over from America, I lose it on the journey from Northampton to London."

Mrs. Rowland admired the powder-blue uniforms of the Pan American stewardesses and commented that when she used to work on a double-decker bus she never thought she would ever be flying the Atlantic in a double-decker Stratoclipper.

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