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List compiled by Janet Meads 2005

Militia List 1778

Militia Lists

The persons whose names are as follow are liable to serve in the militia for the parish of Burton Latimer, 1778.

Francis Robinson, farmer
John Garratt, miller
John Robinson, farmer

William Eady, miller
Edmund Eady, farmer
Henry Robinson, farmer
William Andrews, farmer
John Hughes, wheelwright
Robert Capps, butcher
Edward Hughes, wheelwright
Samuel Buswell, farmer
Joseph Sudborough, shoemaker
Thos. Wood, farmer
Thos. Sudborough, shoemaker
Edward Wood, farmer
John Bland, servant
John Blofield, joiner
Henry Ginn, farmer
Richard Blofieeld, joiner
William Eady, servant
Samuel Garratt, miller
John Sudborough, shoemaker
Thos. Bellamy, farmer
Samuel Wright, servant
Robert Bellamy, farmer
John Timson, servant
John Glover, carpenter
Richard Croxen, blacksmith
Thos. Simco, carpenter
William Branson, sarvant
Joseph Miller, weaver
Charls Hodson, servant
John Hodson, labourer
Robert Row, labourer
Thos. Croxen, wheelwright
Thos. Payne, taylor
Samuel Patrick, mason
William Nutt, labourer
John Mason, weaver
Francis Toulton, weaver
Joseph Driver, shepherd
William Northern, taylor
<Nathaniel Daniels, weaver>
<Thos. Brotcher, servant>
David Miller, weaver
Thos. Coalman, servant
Thos. Neal, weaver
<John Burnaby, labourer>
John Neal, weaver
Samuel Smith, weaver
Samuel Neal, shepherd
Samuel Fox, labourer
John Coals, labourer
John Barnes, servant
Samuel Gillings, weaver
Joseph Clark, servant
David Blunt, servant
John Daniels, labourer
Edward Ginn, servant
Richard Wade, publican
Moses Patrick, mason

Joseph Sudborough,  Constable

The day of appeal for any person that think themselves aggrieved is on the 10th of December, at the White Hart Inn, in Kettering . N.B. That no appeal will be afterwards received.

Militia Lists

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