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The Burton branch of the Kettering Co-operative Clothing Society held a very successful social and dance on Thursday last, in aid of the Soldiers' Parcels Fund. The Clothing Society's Orchestra and Choir (conducted by Mr M Dyson) came over and gave a good concert, with Miss M Daniels and Mr W Eagle, comedian, assisting. After the concert a dance was held, the Co-op Orchestra, with the assistance of Mr W Miller, supplying the music, and Mr F Tailby acting as M.C. The following committee carried out the arrangements: Misses M Daniels, A Webb, A Mason, M Lewis, M Cooper, M James, and Ada Mason; with Mr W Sturman as secretary. The event realised £10.


At a meeting of the Christmas Parcel Fund for Soldiers, etc., held on Monday evening at the Council Chamber, the gratifying announcement was made that the sum so far collected had reached £104 15s. This magnificent sum had been realised by the whole-hearted energy of all concerned, particularly the employees of Messrs Hart and Levy, Ltd, and the Kettering Co-operative Society (Burton branch). Mr E G Gilbert, the manager for Messrs Hart and Levy, led his workers in a jumble stall, which the workers heartily took up and made a great success of. The sale was held on Saturday last in the firm's second factory, on the Cross, and despite the bad weather there was a great crush to further the fund and secure the bargains. The net proceeds was a cheque to the fund of £58 9s 8d, an achievement of which the employees may justly feel proud. The firm are privately sending a hamper to each employee on service, and the wives of the married are all being assisted. The employees of the Kettering Co-operative Society have contributed the sum of £10, realised by means of a social gathering held last week, a really splendid result.
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