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Kettering Evening Telegraph 28th September 1983

Garage Inferno

Blaze aftermath - a foreman inspects the burned out cars

Blazing petrol hampered firemen as they fought a blaze in a car showroom at Burton Latimer today. The petrol, pouring from the burned fuel-lines, intensified the blaze which destroyed eight vehicles and badly damaged four more.

The showroom of Pole Position Cars, in High Street was burned out and early estimates put the value of the damage at £200,000. Early reports that an electrical fault caused the blaze were discounted today. East Midlands Electricity Board staff were called in to switch off power at 2am.

Eighteen firemen, four using breathing apparatus, tackled the fire which started at about 1am. Two machines from Kettering and one from Burton Latimer were called and the last machine did not leave the scene until 6:30. Compressed straw used as insulation in the flat roof of the building was still smouldering two hours after the flames were put out. Deputy divisional commander Terry Goddard said the flames could be seen a mile away.

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