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Leicester Chronicle, 19th June 1897
Glove Fight - Addington

The Round House, known up tp the late 1800's as the
Waterloo Victory Inn. Close to the site of the glove
fight.This photograph was taken in the early 1900s

IA glove fight between two Burton Latimer men took place in a field belonging to the Rev. Dokes, in the parish of Addington near Thrapston a few days ago, the stakes, it is understood, being £2 a-side. The principals were two men named as Arthur Groves and John Williams, and those present included persons from Irthlingborough, Burton Latimer , Finedon and other parishes in the vicinity, Burton being very strongly represented.

PC Currin, who is stationed at Burton, appears to have got wind of the matter, with the result that several officerswere concealed in the vicinity of the secluded spot. During the progress of the fight the police suddenly emerged from their cover, and were among the party almost before their presence was known.

A stampede took place , but the principals were detained. (They were released shortly afterwards, however). Most of the men are known to the police, and it is probable that magisterialproceedings will follow. The police present were P.C.'s Currin (Burton), Chappell (Cranford), Hull and Masters (Kettering)

This fight took place close to The Waterloo Victory Inn, a farm come drinking den which had a poor reputation. More about this venue can be read here

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