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Information obtained from local newspaper articles from May to July 1945 - Margaret Jones
From Wartime Weapons

to Peacetime Cooking Utensils

Employees manufacturing holloware cooking utensils
Employees manufacturing holloware cooking utensils

In May 1945, the Burton Latimer Urban Council expressed the hope that the M.A.P factory in Polwell Lane, manufacturing weapons during the Second World War, would be taken over by Sterling Metals Ltd under the name of Alumasc in order to produce aluminium holloware cooking utensils.

The general manager of the factory, Mr E C Lewis, one of the present directors stated that, "Work would begin with about 50 employees and he hoped eventually to employ 200-300. The new company would work under modern conditions of easy working space, ventilation, surgery and welfare facilities. The object of the new company is to introduce a fresh industry, providing a good post-war standard of wages to the neighbourhood. The range of holloware produced will be extended with the progress of the company to all the latest devices of hygienic cooking coupled with economy and cleanliness. All materials used will be approved by the Ministry of Health. The process of manufacture is a development of the latest method of pressure casting that has sprung from experience gained during the war. The cast aluminium saucepans, and pressure cookers, will be of a type suitable for use on electric and gas cookers and for all types of cooking, whether with solid or other fuel."

"All the necessary essentials for peace-time production are at hand. Plans and dies are ready for the making of domestic utensils - articles which are in great demand by householders all over the country. The production here will ensure a sound and continuous livelihood after the war for many of the local workers, who have done so well for the country in its emergency."

From Bombs to Shiny Saucepans - Celebration Dinner

The switch to production of shining aluminium saucepans, a new type of domestic holloware, was heralded by the introduction of examples of the holloware, filled with flowers and placed on the tables at a Victory dinner held at the works' canteen. These first samples of kitchenware to come off the production lines filled the gathering with high hopes of regular employment during the coming years. Everyone was enthusiastic about the new products, manufacture of which was due to commence on 2 July. Mr E C Lewis said "a large majority of labour employed at this factory during war-time production will remain now that it is changing over to products of peace. I would like to thank everyone for the fine support given while the war was on. Production in the works has been exceedingl high both in quality and speed. This has been achieved only by co-operation and splendid team work."

Guide For Future of Industry

Mr E C Lewis (left) one of the directors of Alumasc Ltd, is the author of "The People: Their Industry and Happiness. In a foreword headed "The Problem", it is stated: "England is an industrial nation, and if its position in the world is to be upheld its industries and their developments must be maintained in relation to other nations.

"The object of this book is to review industrial conditions and their developments in England in relation to its people and to offer a guide for the future if our country is to avoid being made weak, in comparison with other nations, by an internal struggle for power between the forces commonly referred to as Capital and Labour."

The author collected data for the book in the course of covering 60,000 miles in all parts of England, Wales and Southern Scotland. In these areas he studied local records of industries.

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