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Retail & Local Businesses in
Burton Latimer

Ada mason's shop - two doors down from The Duke's Arms The middle section of the High Street in about 1926.  Centre - The Duke's Arms with its original 3-storey frontage The Co-op, shortly after it was built in 1914
Shopping in the High Street in the early part of the last century

Left - Ada Mason's shop in 1923. It was situated where the High Street now enters Latimer Close
Centre - The middle part of the High Street c.1926
Right - The Co-op in its pristine glory, shortly after it was built in 1914

A huge amount of research has gone on into locating every shop and local business which ever existed in Burton Latimer. We are pleased to publish the results below.


Local Businesses & Tradespeople

Local Business & Trades - Introduction

  • Bayes & Loak, Surgical Bootmakers
  • J P Ashby, Cabinet Maker
  • Blake's Smithy
  • H L Bayes, Mason
  • K R Eady, Electrician
  • Albert Ball, Builder & Mason

The History of Shops in Burton

  • Flier-Lite Co
  • T W Capps & Co., Builders
  • Arthur Freestone, Builder
  • Carl Cleaver, Carpenter
  • A P Lewis
  • Albert Cook, Plumber & Decorator
  • S Smith, Boilermaker
  • A F Keach, Builder
  • W M Miles, Cyclemakers & Repairers
  • Steve Lewis & Sons, Builders
  • W Piper - Undertaker
  • D G P Shelford, Carpenter & Joiner
  • Unit 2 Glass
  • Colin Smith, Carpenter

  • John Smith, Plumber

  • Michael Smith, Painter

  • P J Toseland, Interior Design

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Sundry Local Businesses - 3

Sundry Local Businesses - 4
  • A T Byland, Electrical Contractor
  • Joseph Allen, Grocer and Thrashing Machine Proprietor
  • Walter Clipson, Engineer
  • Harry Cole, Market Gardener
  • Bert Evans, Plastering Contractor
  • John Cooper, Auto Electrical Services
For Trade and other Local Directories
  • Evens & Fentiman, Plastering Contractors
  • Church Street Autos
see the Genealogy section
  • F Gardner, Carpenter
  • The Garage, Churchill Way
  • W T Hewitt, Cabinet Maker
  • Rosebery Street Garage
  • Hughes & Sumpter - Painters & Decorators
  • Strudwick Motors
  • C Looms, Painter & Decorator
  • Thompson's Motors
  • Trevor Smith, Plumber
  • Victoria Garage
  • F W Underwood, Contractors

  • B Wagstaff, Decorator

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