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Gallery 13
The Church School teaching staff c1915. Standing: L-R Len Johnson,
Gerald Lansom, Marcia Hodson, William Miller. Seated: Gwen Coles, Joseph
Boardman, (Head) and Mabel Lewis

Burton Latimer Infants staff 1950s Mary Brawn, Mrs Williams, Mrs Braines
Miss Capon, Head, Hilda Milner

A Council School outing in the late 1960s.Miss Vera Leach, Miss Marjorie Appleby, Mr. (Fred) Roy
Pentelow (Head), Mr Dennis White and Miss Ireson

Meadowside Infants School Staff - 1974 Back L-R: ........? Joan Griffiths, ........? Geraldine
Hardwick, ........? Margaret Jackson. Seated: Mrs Freestone, Mrs Pearson, Miss Sewell (Head)
Miss Brown, Mrs Cleaver


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