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Mary Capps' Wartime Scrapbook

Mary Capps' scrapbook

Phyllis Mary Capps (always known as Mary) lived in the High Street next to the Council School in the caretaker's house when she started to keep a scrapbook of cuttings in 1917, mainly from the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph. It was not a comprehensive story of the war, she probably cut out articles about people she knew and there were many, many more casualty reports than the ones she kept. The book has been donated to Burton Latimer Heritage Society by Helen Brodbin who is Mary's great-niece and was first displayed in the 2018 exhibition commemmorating the 1918 Armistice.

Some of the cuttings are not dated but the dates have been calculated from other sources describing the event or events.

Newspaper clip: Soldiers entertained Newspaper clip: Burros service
Newspaper clip: Three men killed Newspaper clip:Whiting funeral
Newspaper clip: Fund raising
Another Burton Soldier Dies for His Country - Corbutt Styles
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